Nobuyoshi Asama

Mr. Asama is a graduate of the TOHO Gakuen College Music Department.

He joined the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra in 1992. Beside his career as orchestra player, he has made contributions in music education and outreach.

Mr. Asama participated in many orchestras as guest player, such as Saitou-Kinen Orchestra and Mito Chamber Music Orchestra. He is also annual member of the Silvester Concert at Minato-Mirai Concert Hall, where he played as soloist in 2019.

His performance of contemporary music is highly respected. His activities are not limited to classical music. He has made many concert tours and recordings for the musical group “Gekidan-Shiki” and many other popular music artists.

Mr. Asama plays F.Lorée c+3 “AK” and F.Lorée 140 oboes, and F.Lorée i+3 cor anglais.