Miguel Dias

Miguel Dias is a young oboist based in Lisbon whose main career goals are to create and explore the unknown, dedicating himself almost exclusively to contemporary music performance, trying to disrupt the conservative barriers imposed by time.

He is very proactive about working directly with composers, constantly breaking new grounds due to his regular participation in exploring sessions and subsequent premiering of recently composed works.

Due to his need to explore new sounds and forms, he co-founded the Concrète [Lab] Ensemble, which consists in a formation of variable geometry, exclusively dedicated to experimentation and research music, aiming to create a space of closer relationship between music creators. The ensemble’s future public appearances include a premiere of the Opera “Regresso”, by João Quinteiro, where Miguel Dias will have a role as a soloist playing both the oboe and double aulos, a concert within the Contemporary World Music Days (ISCM), the premiere of the piece “Livro das Escolhas”, by Eduardo Patriarca, the recording of a CD with the label Vivaldi in which all the pieces will be written and dedicated to the ensemble, composition seminars, and much more.

Miguel Dias occupies a niche position on the Portuguese music scene, following a different path from more traditional oboists. Therefore, he tirelessly endeavors to open the borders of the Oboe to the music panorama all around.