Other accessories

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Photo Product Ref. Price without V.A.T. (€)
Polishing cloth “F.Lorée” for the keys CHI 6.00
Cutting block: large (37 mm) or small (30 mm) – please specify BIL 9.80
Fish skin BAU
7.00 per sheet
Plastic tube: sealing bocal & reed of English horn & oboe d’amore GAP 2.00
Easel for gouged cane (oboe or English horn) CHE 20.70
Gauge (small) – pocket calliper PCOU 20.00
Screwdriver (single blade) TOU 4.00
Cork grease (small tube) TUG 3.00
Humidifier HUM 14.00
Octave vents remover (adjustable) DEM 46.00
Mute SOU 16.00
“F.Lorée” natural bore oil HUI 13.50
Needle oiler CRG 15.00
Thumb rest for oboe or English horn (please specify) PP 40.00
“Dutch” thumb rest with plaque PPH 87.00
Adjustable thumb rest PPR 87.00
“Contactless” thumb rest PPSC 94.00
Thumb saver PRP 3.70
Tenon joint caps in grenadilla wood (2 pieces) CTE
23.00 per set
Octave vents for oboe / English horn or oboe d’amore OCT
12.50 per set
Gold-plated octave vents for oboe / English horn or oboe d’amore OCTD
18.80 per set
Neck strap for English horn CORD 15.00
Elastic neck strap for oboe or English horn – please specify (2 sizes) CORDE 22.50
Oboe stand – purple plastic PHV 7.00
English horn stand – purple plastic PCV 8.50
“F.Lorée” plexiglass stand for oboe / English horn / oboe d’amore PLEX 80.00
« F.Lorée » oboe tool bag (empty) for accessories TRO 31.50
“F.Lorée” key chain: reduced bell of oboe or English horn – silver-plated metal, grenadilla wood PCA 40.00
“F.Lorée” T-shirt – sizes on demand TSH 15.00