About us

Since 1881, our Maison has kept innovating, in order to offer our musicians exceptional instruments. Discover our history…

1881 François Lorée, the ex-foreman of Triebert, founds his own oboe factory
Lucien Lorée takes over the company at his father’s death
1906 Lucien Lorée creates the
“conservatory plateau system” with the participation of Georges Gillet – teacher at the Conservatoire de Paris. This model will soon become the reference for soloists around the world
1925 Instrument maker Raymond Dubois acquires the company, while Lucien Lorée still takes an active part in the production
1935 Robert de Gourdon, Mr. Dubois’ son-in-law, joins the company and has the opportunity to work in close collaboration with Lucien Lorée and Raymond Dubois
1957 Robert de Gourdon takes over the company after the death of Raymond Dubois
1967 Anne and Alain
de Gourdon -children of Robert de Gourdon- join the company
1974 Alain de Gourdon acquires Cabart, which becomes the trade mark for the student oboe line
1980 The bass oboe is launched
The F.Lorée ROYAL oboe is launched
1990 The CABART Petites Mains oboe is launched. It is especially designed for young beginners
1992 The piccolo oboe (in F) is launched
Olivier Chanu
de Gourdon joins the company
2002 The head office is relocated 48 rue de Rome, right at the heart of the music area near the Conservatoire Régional de Musique de Paris
Virginie Chanu
de Gourdon joins the company
2006 On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Lorée company, the F.Lorée ROYAL 125 is created
The F.Lorée ROYAL Amethyst is launched
2012 Marie-Léa
de Gourdon joins the company

The F.Lorée Etoile oboe is launched