F.Lorée ROYAL Oboe

Since 1989, F.Lorée offers a masterpiece, the "ROYAL", which combines musicality, reliability and beauty. Special attention is paid to the selection of the wood, and only the pieces with the most beautiful aspects are used for its manufacturing. This instrument appeals to those looking for a darker and rounder tone given by thicker wood.

"cR+3" Full conservatory plateau system

Grenadilla wood – silver-plated keys
All trill keys – 3rd octave key
Forked F resonance key
Left hand F key
Low B flat resonance key


Special features of the ROYAL Oboe:

Adjustable thumb rest to improve natural positioning of the hand and comfort
Tenons with dual metal reinforcement to prevent wobbling joints
Adjustment screw to regulate the height of the medium C key to nuance the color and intonation of the note

This model is also available in full automatic system (Ref. "gR+3")

Options :

"H" - higher in pitch
High D facilitator
Gold-plated keys
Synthetic material (top joint only)
English thumb plate
All other models on request